Buttons & more MC's

hey once again :*(,
i still cant get my menu thing to work.my question is… if you have an MC that you want to fade out once a button is pressed (which i have accomplished), then the MC stays faded until you press another button, at which point, the MC fades back in and the newly selected MC fades out. anyway is there an action like

if (blah, blah - any other button is pressed)
_root.templates.gotaAndPlay (“fade out”)

something that does that? so when another button is pressed the one selected before fades out :slight_smile: im using the same MC for each button, dont know if that complicates things or not :*(

hope you can help :slight_smile: thanks

P.S. sorry if i explained that crap…

Yes sometimes it can cause a problem. The fla I gave you should give you an idea how to do it using variables. If you’re stuck post a fla.

hey flex,

theres the fla file…make of it what you will:-\

thanks :slight_smile: