Please help

hey again,
click below

if you click ‘templates’ and you’ll see the pop-up window, then when you click a button in the pop-up window you’ll see the background of that button fade to match the background colour of the main movie, anyway. if you click another link youll see that one also fade but the other selection will stay faded out, i want it to fade back in once you have selected another button :*( but im using the same background movie for each button, i know how to do it roughly, but i was hoping someone would be able to give me the best possible way to complete it…

hope you can help :slight_smile: thanks…

What code are you using for the button mcs. Or can you post a fla.

If you use onClipEvent (mouseUp) you can check for a hitTest on the mcs area and if its not true (ie another button has been clicked) to fade the colour back.

Or use variables, so that when each button is clicked it sends the others back to their normal state.

Depends how your code is.

Heres a fla where I did buttons, that when you mouse over one, the others fade to half their alpha. You can use the same method to send the other buttons to their normal colour.

Unless someone else has a better way

cheers flex,
that fla will give me something to work from, i should be ok now :slight_smile: