Buttons to control the thumbnails in the Photo Gallery

Hi everyone,

I urgently need assistance with the photo gallery with thumbnails using XML and Flash. I believe this will be fairly simple for someone to answer who has worked with it before.

I am referring to the photo gallery with thumbnails at:
However, instead of scrolling thumbnails I want to have a button that says more pictures on the right side and when you click on it, the thumbnails scroll to the left and the next thumbnails scroll in. Then when the new thumbnails appear there should be a previous button to allow the thumbnails to scroll to back to the right and return to it’s initial state.

Also, I was not even able to get the thumbnails to appear when I did it on my own, although everything else worked out fine. I could not download the .fla because I have Flash MX Version 6.0

If someone could please upload a version that I would be able to open, I think that would help a lot. (For an example of a .fla I was able to open, refer to: http://www.kirupa.com/web/xml/examples/portfolio.htm)

Anyways, this is very urgent, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!