Buttons with rollover and rollout effect

Hi all !

I’m a rookie in flash, and what i want to do is juste below :slight_smile: :

  • i want to make somes cool buttons with two similar effects. One rollover and one rollout.

Actually i’ve made a button with a rollover animation, and i want the same effect in reverse for rollout.

I already tried with one animation for rollover and one for rollout but it’s fake u see. if the cursor is out before the rollover animation finished, it is “gameover”.

I saw some reverse playing tutorials in kirupa’sforums but nothing ( but i can be wrong ) concern about buttons.

If u don’t understand one word what i am saying, it’s logical, i’m french and my english is so lame ! :slight_smile: But i got one example of this for ya.

( buttons with reverse effects are at the bottom )

Thkx for answer by advance,
Congratulations for all active members in this kirupa forums, u’ve done so incredible job, thkx for all.