Roll over button

I have been told to make a button using a movieclip in FlashMX and to put in certain code to make the button have a roll out effect, but I can’t make it rollover and roll out. The best I have done is have it play the whole thing and not go back to the start.

Can someone plz, attach a .fla or something to tell me how to make a button (movie clip) have a rollover and rollout effect.
I would be very greatful.

You mean have a rollOver state, or do something on rollOver?

pom :asian:

Here’s a fla of an animated button that rotates, but when you roll over it, it rotates in the opposite direction, and when you roll out again it resumes the first direction of rotation. It’s easy to use animated movie clips as buttons.

Do I get this right? So you want to make sure the cicrle goes back to it’s starting position???


[swf=“ height=200 width=50”][/swf]

No. I was was posting an example fla for blurtam - he wanted to know how to create an effect on rollove and roll out of a movie clip… Thanks for the offer :cool:.

Oh right

eum sorry about the flooter, I entered the wrong numbers, that’s why it is placed wrong an why it looks like something completly ****** :slight_smile:

Perhaps it is now beter??