Hey all! I have another question for you guys. I am making an all-flash website, and I made buttons that on the over state, change the alpha and other things. My problem is this: When each button is pressed, it is going to display a new image with all of the text and so on for that button. Because they are all symbols though, how do I tell one instance to go one place and another to go another place? Also, on a different question and to further complicate things, one of the buttons opens up a small MC menu underneath it. This gives you a list of options that have to do with the topic of the button, and then when you click it it goes to that part of the topic. When I added the menu to the down state, it now shows up on every down state of the symbol’s button, not just the instance that I want. So, how can I add it so that the menu appears only when one instance of the button is clicked.

if you’ve made changes to the main button in your library… those changes will be reflected on all instances of that button. You can think of it as a sort of template.

Now, if you want each button to behave differently, apply actions to each instance on your scene. That way your instances can do whatever you want them to, independently of each other.

Yes but the only way I know how to add a movie to a down state is to double click the button and add it there. When I do that, it changes all of the instances.

That’s right! That is the very reason why Actionscript exists.
You will need to add a bit of code to your buttons so they can change when you release the mouse button.