Buy Cars on Ebay?

Anyone ever done it? I’m thinking about it, although I am unsure. I mean the major drawback I see it not being able to drive it and see it right now, but if someone seems reasonable and has good ratings and such, then anyone see why not? And ebay has stuff to enforce that if you get ripped off the person is responsible correct?

I think I’ll do this. Man I’m bad with money haha.

One word: don’t.

haha alright, that’s pretty convincing.

Lol, it’s just … what about insurance, the paperwork, all the official crap ? What do you do when you wreck it ? What about all other bad things that can happen to cars ? How do you even know you’ll it in good state ?

yeah, i agree, you don’t have any direct contact with the seller, so you don’t know for sure if he’s messing with you and all that, i just wouldn’t do that if i were you…

the protection system ebay has in place for the buyer and seller, covers most of the dishonesty type problems, basically if they lied to you ebay will make sure you get your money back. As far a insurance and paperwork goes, it would be just the same as any other private-private type auto sale. And you pretty much have to make direct contact with the seller, ao that they will be able to access the escrow service for payment, otherwise the escrow service will hold the money until an expiration date and then return it to the buyer. I have bought 3 cars off ebay and not one time have I had a major problem, the only time I experienced any trouble was with a long distance shipment, the company that was carrying the car charged a couple extra fees upon delivery…learned to read the fine print on that one.

Anyway good luck,