Calling a script on mouseover


I am making a swf where there is a long image that pans left to right depending on x mouse.
At the moment the script works fine when attached to the clip itself.
[size=1]onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
// pan movie clip where movie container size = 804
cw = 804;
// container size
mx = _xmouse;
myx = _x;
mw = _width;
cf = (cw-mw)/mw;
_x = (mx*(cf));
if (myx<-(mw-(mw/2))) {
myx = 20;

I need this action to be called when i mouse over a button called ‘mc_hit’
The clip I want to pan is called ‘mc_slide’.

Any assistance with this would be much appreciated

An example can be seen at