Calling all Mac Users - Floating List Items Madness

I have an unordered list, contained within a div 757px wide. The List Items are all floated, and I want them to stretch the entire width of the containing div (757px).

On PC’s, everything is fine. Even IE seems to render everything just as I’d expect. However, using, I can see that everything get’s cocked up when viewed on a Mac. No matter what browser is used, the mac simply refuses to display things correctly.

The menu in question can be found here:

Wherever I view it, it looks fine, because I don’t have a Mac. But these screenshots from browsercam should show the problem:

Camino 1 - Mac OSX 10.3

Firefox 2.0 - Mac OSX 10.3

IE 5.2 - Mac oSX 10.3

Firefox 1.5 - Mac OSX 10.4


IE 7 - Windows Vista

Not a single one of the Mac shots is correct, yet it’s very hard for me to troubleshoot as I don’t have access to a Mac.

If anyone’s got any ideas on this I’d very much appreciate it.