Camera animation

I tried to zoom in on something while animating, but it doesn’t seem to do so in the animation…

what i did was select the object, click on animate, select a later frame, right-click the box and drag up…
somehow to tweening was created.

did i miss something?

im not exactly sure what your asking… tell me exactly what you want to know

i want to do a camera animation…
i.e. zoom in/out during an animation

have you clicked on the “animate” toggle button on the right hand side of the toolbar? If not you can’t set any animations.

if you’re dragging the object in the scene, that would scale the object. to move the camera, click in an empty space and drag (to zoom, right click and drag).
here’s a link to some tutorials that will give you some insight on the tools:
first link on th page-swift3d2 will bring up 15-20 tutorials.