Animating camera?


I finally changed from swift 3D version 1 to V2. And I have a few problems!

In Version 1 I could animated the camera simply bij clicking (without an object selected) on a frame and placing the camera somewhere else. Now as I see this isn’t possible anymore.

Perhaps I have to use a free camera, but I don’t know how that works? I even don’t know what I can do with that!

Someone please help.

DidiusTheGreat :pirate:

It’s tricky… I’m still trying to get a handle on the free camera deal… but you’re correct that is how you animate the camera now.

play around with placing them, and moving them. You might get it before I do. :slight_smile:

thanx for the reply, I already thought everyone forgotten me,
anyway, I will keep on trying thill I will find it! :slight_smile: