Camera position control ! please help

Allright…maybe i’m blind here, but i can’t figure out how to control my camera position…precisely i mean, I can control my 3d shape’s position very precisely using the positioning option…i can even use my keyboard to place them exactly where i want. however, this seem to be impossible with cameras…there is no positioning option where i can enter precise values… Camera animation is very very cool but how can one position his camera exactly where he wants and get the precise motion is is looking for ?\r\rplease help on this because if there is no way to do this…i’m not going to use this “incomplete” product anymore…please tell me i’m wrong !!\r\rRegards, \rThe mechanist

you can control the camera… just use the same technique as you do with the rest. On the left panel, select the camera option and go to town!\r\rGood luck!\r\rAs you start building more complex animations and objects, you will definitely want to move away to a different product. HOwever, the render engine is still awesome.\r\rSo… you could go to 3dmax with the Swift plugin.\r