Camera Tracking & Computer vision

Hello all,
I have seen models of sort thing accomplished. They are presented as
“games” where by the user interacts with a flash movie in realtime
using the camera. I would just like to be pointed towards A) a sample
and B) underlying Action script that may be helpful. I have searched the web for nearly 6 hours now with very little effectivness. I have lost the
link to the one example I did have. I need help.

I want to experiment with flash interactivity. More specificly have events
happen based on the motion a user makes. I am hoping that the data a
camera feeds into flash can be read into some sort of pixel map that can
be checked for changes in luminosity, ect. Any help would be encourging.

If you know of any samples or action scripts that might be useful and or relative please answer within the forums (helpful to all) or contact me
me [email protected]. Pardon my spelling, its pretty late (3:16 am)
in New York City.

Thank you advance