can AIR for mobile deploy to device via wifi?

Im pretty sure the answer is no, but is there a way to deploy to ios or android via WIFI and skip the USB?

Im talking about for everyday device testing, I have not used testflight yet, but I assume its not quick enough to use every time you hit test movie.

You could probably have a web shortcut on your device’s home screen which leads to a URL that leads to a .ipa/.apk on your development machine. I don’t know if that’d be more convenient or not.

I doubt that would be better since I would have to install the apk each time. I dont know why I thought flash pro was going to have that feature in the past. I think im confusing it with debugging over wifi.

it would be a good feature though.

not a big deal, i have a few devices plugged in it gets a little messy.

some kind of wireless usb dongle type thing might work. prob not worth the trouble though