can AIR for mobile deploy to device via wifi?

Im pretty sure the answer is no, but is there a way to deploy to ios or android via WIFI and skip the USB?

Im talking about for everyday device testing, I have not used testflight yet, but I assume its not quick enough to use every time you hit test movie.

I dont believe you can publish and install over wifi in one button press. I asked this quite a while ago and it was not possible. Perhaps you can put in a feature request.

I have not used test flight, but I have used test fairy, and although its quick and great, publishing direct to the device on usb is the fastest for consistant use

haha I guess this was a spammer, and I was tricked in to answering a copy of my own question.

lol I feel stupid

actually I dont think it was a spammer, im going with multiverse on this one

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