Can anyone interpret this into AS?

Hey can someone interpret this into Actionscript? A guy told me I should do this but it doesnt make any sense…

Yeah. This is what you do. You open up Flash MX. Then on the frame you want the movie to be loaded, you put an judicial actionscript command like "loadMovie (“myMovie.swf”). Then you exit this movie and then manuputively construct myMovie.swf. And then you run firstMovie.swf.

Anyone?! :-\

Oh yeah this is what the guy told me to do to make something like the preloaders and transitions when a button is clicked on the 2Advanced website…I’m more confused than before now… :q:

wow, no wonder why you didn’t understand it. That guy talks like a english/math teacher all in one. Sorry bud I only partially understand what he’s saying and have no clue what “manuputively construct myMovie.swf” means.

He means that you should make a new flash file, in flash MX, called myMovie.swf, and make it (ie. putting stuff in it, make your movie). Because if you didn’t, calling loadMovie(myMove.swf) is just going to give an error because myMovie.swf doesn’t exist. lol, that was the only bit I understood. That is the worst explaination/instruction ever. lol :stuck_out_tongue: