Can Flash create/open/read Text Files?

I’m thinking about making a game that would have 3 “save slots”, so you could play the game and then load the game later. If you were to save the game, basically flash would store a list of variable values into a text file.\r\rLet’s say I have game.swf in a folder named MyGame. Also in that folder I’ll have save1.txt, save2.txt, and save3.txt. If I’m loading a game, I’d want Flash to open that txt file, read the values, and then set the variables equal to that in the text file. So if you open save1.txt and you see a=1, b=3, and c=2, I’d want flash to then take those values and set it’s own same variable a = 1, b = 3, and c = 2.\r\rOn the other hand, if you’re saving a game, let’s say a=10, b=10, and c=10, I’d like it for flash to open save1.txt and replace the text there with a list of the current variables.\r\rFlash would need to do one more thing… if for some reason the file were deleted, Flash would need to create a new txt file. If the txt file is missing, you couldn’t load, but if you’re trying to save to save1.txt and that file doesn’t exist, I’d need flash to create a new save1.txt and then put the variables into it.\r\rIs this possible at all with Flash, or am I asking too much of the program? If it’s not possible, is there any way to do a Save function to save your game (the list of variables) in Flash?

i just found your tutorial on SharedObjects, I never knew such a thing existed. I guess it’s really time to learn Flash MX instead of sticking with 5.0. Let me study the tutorial for a while and I’ll post another question if I need any help, thanks anyways.

Casual little things, aren’t they ? Otherwise, you can do it with PHP…\r\rpom 0]