Can i get some code?

This might sound wierd, but can someone send me either just a lot of code or a fla? I learn well by seeing and messing with the coding to see what each thing I change, changes about the movie clip. I’m much better learning this way than reading the tutorials that show how to do one thing, but not how changing stuff effects other stuff.

I promise I won’t make a site with your code or spread it around or anything bad. Just wanna use it for learning purposes, and after I learn, i’ll delete it. Any help is appreciated, thank you :).

go here
just download all his flas… thats what i did, learned a lot

go here too
just download all his prototypes… thats what i did, learned a lot


here is some of my old stuff as i’m finding them random places on my harddrive:



fireworks. is that enough?

thx a bunch :).

here is the code of my footer:evil: