Can I interact with JavaScript using ActionScript?

I have a splash page designed with Flash MX as an entrance to a website. It is displayed like any other normal HTML page in the browser. What I’d like to do is display the following page as a popup window with no scrollbars, no titlebar, and no menubar.
Ordinarily, I’d use a JavaScript function that manipulates the browser specific object, Window, to do this.

My question is:
Can I still create a JavaScript function to do this, then call that function from within my Flash movie using ActionScript?

If not, how else can I handle it?

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If JavaScript can do it you can have this function called from Flash:

One way to do it:

Basically you create a url containing the javascript reference. Say a button initiates this action. Add in the button object actions window:

//code start
url = “javascript:…etc”;//use the same syntax as in HTML’s HREF
getURL(url);//call the JScript function and your done
// code end

The JavaScript must be on the same page as your Flash movie

Another way to do it (not preferred):

Use : fscommand(command, arguments)
command , argument are both strings send to the browser containing the flash movie.

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