Can i put this on a level 99? / preloader

Hey guys, im wondering if there is anyway i can put this exact code in, but make it go onto a level! like level 99?

on (release) {

try to make load on level 99?

I dunno!!



if im doing the sound this way:

on (release) {
loadMovieNum(“track3.swf”, 99);

how can i create a preloader for that???


Put the preloader in your track3.fla. When your main SWF loads the track 3 SWF you will see the preloader first. As for first question


or some thing like that is all you need. You don’t have to speficy the root becuse layer 99 exist on the main tiem line. This will also cause your sound to play no matter where you go in the SWF(until you unload it or change it that is).

You only have to specify the _root when you are using a contaner MC.


This isn’t exact but its close. Your sound contaner exixts inside a MC called contents on the main timeline. All of this is in my puzzleloader.fla. Did you get that one? If not I can resend it to you

Hey sintax! Sintax to the rescue!

Yeah i go that puzzleloader, thanks, im looking at it now, maybe if i do it that way, it will solve my problem, time will tell!!

If i keep having troubles, may i send u my fla?

It might be easier for you to see what im trying to do!!


Hey no problem. :slight_smile:

This is totally off topic, but sintax321, your site is great! Good work man. It’s nice to see some more Canadians in these forums :slight_smile: Once again, amazing job.