Loading into level0 and having sound

ok i have a projector file to which im loading external swfs but in order to have the transitions look seamless i have to load the external swfs into level0, i cant load them into a movieclip because it blinks.

The problem im having is that i have sound loaded into a movieclip on level2 but if i load a swfs into level0 it replaces my whole stage and kills my sound, so the question is how if its even possible to have my sound loop playing while i load the swfs into level0, ive tried loading the swfs into higher levels it works but for some odd readon flash keeps blinking right before it loads teh external swf. Again any help is greatly appreciated, thanks. :wink:

hi grim death. are you using the attach sound method? or are you just looping the sound within that movie clip?

that’s an interesting problem you’re facing…

im loading a swf into level10 of the main timeline and i want to load the other swfs into level0 to have all the transitions look seamless.

Ive been thinking if its possible to make a movieclip a variable and have it travel from swf o swf that way i can have the sound looping while i load swfs but im not too good with variables so im jsut waiting for some kind soul to come help me out wheres senocular when ya need him :frowning:

just got this idea if i make a movieclip a variable and i set the _global property on it will it work from swf to swf and if so how can i get it to work cause ive never used this property before

i’d try the attach sound method myself…

attach sound wont work tried it