Can someone help me create this:

Hi I would like to create something simple, and i’ll paypal someone $10 if they can help me make this, should take 5 min.

I need to have a 3d spinning wireframe text like the one in

only using this logo without the words academic engine on the bottom, and it doesnt need to have the grid in the background like the kirupa example, just the spinning logo against white at 1/2 the speed of the kirupa example. The logo can be black and white or the same dark blue in the kirupa example. I think the ae font is times new roman but I could be wrong.

I need it to be 200x200 and taking up most of the space.

This would be alot cheaper and quicker than me buying Swift 3d myself, since V3 costs nearly $200. Can someone help? Looks like a quick 5 min job, just like the tutorial above!

email me at [email protected] I will reply to the first one that wants to do it.



I’ve made your logo allright??

wow that was quick, can I see it somewhere?



I’ve been sending it throug!

Hope you’ved recieved it

Didus really helped me out, thanks!