Can someone help me figure out how this is done ! this is great!


basically, i/m in the process of designing my online portfolio / CV, any hows… i’ve seen something that has inspired me! and its totaly amazing in concept !

I have no idea how its done, maybe someone could help me tear this one appart…

this is the josh davis site… experimental drag and drop

what i am trying to do is work out how to creat this drag and drop menu? i understand how to get something to be dragged and dropped, BUT i cannot work out the “logic” statements in the AScipt to make it work out where it is, and to "expand untill its at the right size ?

i think essentially its a great method to allow user interaction in the most imple yet most effective manner…

anyhows, please have a look and please get back to me with some ideas of how to tackle this thing ?



i am interested to learn how to do that too.
please advice, thanks!


Pretty cool effect ! i think it’d make a grate interface !

The parts which most interst me are:

  1. the actual drag and drop…the fact that you drag one project to the stage/area, and the loaded project “tweens back” to its original place ?

  2. the way in which the “project” loads into the box… i.e drop it nearer the bottom of the "taget ", the top expands quicker than the bottom and sides ?

  3. the ascript for Making it go back

Ok forum people ! Lets have it !
someone’s got to have an idea how to get round this ?


I think this tutorial might be helpful to you, otherwise I’m not sure what you want exactly!

Hope this help!

Hmm I’m trying a little experiment here, I have to change it so than when the button is dropped on the area it increases smoothly in the x and y scale, then when the other button is clicked, it goes back like it does now. Heres so far

o i hope we find an answer to this one

where is that lost in beta guy?!?!?!