Can someone help me it wont take long!

why wont my picture show up beside my name on this …site… i know I have the URL right… but thats about all I know…remeber this is a picture right beside my name “insaneflasher” not my signature… Any help is great thanks

Love '" the insaneone “”

Hm…perhaps the picture is to high of a quality? Or maybe it can’t be displayed and a compressed size or such…

Try saving it to another URL.

it shows up (sometimes) for me. although reduced to 10x10 it just looks like a black square instead of the creepy pic you intended (you freaky guy, you). ; )

try reducing it to 10x10 in the first place. that’s a much smaller download over the web too, which makes everyone’s life better.


hey honnie!
having trouble with the flashing?
well we all know that if i knew what to do i would be right there helping you out.
how’s my wonderful husband doing nowadays anyway?
well i must tend to our children see you tonight in my dreams.

insaneflasher says thanks for the help but he doesnt know how to make the picture 10x by 10x … Im writting for him because he is to lazy… and he is my master and he told me to …

Hello saneless flash girl / justin told me about you flashing abilities so if you know any flash tricks could you tell them to me my e mail address is The****[email protected]