Personal Pictures?

Hey :slight_smile: I was just wondering how we get a personal pic under our name?

its an aviator or somethin
(i cant spell):cyclops:

HAHA, it is an avatar. Go into your User CP, then click on “Edit Options” and it should be all the way at the bottom.

Yeah…I’m just retarded I guess and couldn’t find out where it went LOL…

We posted at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops! LOL!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, I found it, but it won’t take my avatar image LOL its says its bigger than 50px. Does it not resize stuff??

Grr…I guess I’ll have to resize it myself. Oh well LOL

Yeah, you do have to resize it yourself… I just used a buddy icon I made for AIM. Those are 48x48 pixels, so it worked out great.

Okay cool :slight_smile: I’ll resize mine :slight_smile: I have to use mine cuz it goes with my picture LOL

Nice Eyes, and no that’s not a pick-up line, just my way to welcome the new girls. I tell guys something like ‘nice hair cut’. :beam:

Hey! I never got a “nice hair cut”!

I am on to you dan :evil:

That’s only because I am too jealous of your post count, it would be a weakness in myself to compliment my forum post rivals. But like someone hella smarter than me once said, “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer”.

As a friend once said to me “keep an eye on your enemies, but don’t turn your back on your friends”

Makes sense somewhat.

Well anyways, just figured I would get some sort of witty comment in there.

We aren’t enemies Dan. After all, you did teach me quite a bit in Flash :slight_smile:

PS: Awesome new footer :slight_smile:

Oh course we are not enemies, but now with your skill I have been passed among as the Flash Masta Jr, I need my old reputation back! Just playing with you, I have been on the billy bussey forums lately and have been racking up some posts there. I want to come back here and make a tutorial, it seems pom stopped being a tutorial post-o-matic, it must be his new popularity as a script god!

You are still Flash Masta… I am not in anyway a Flash Masta… I am just a Flash Leech =)

Yes, I have actually seen you on the billy bussey forum, I read there a lot, but I am not a member.

Well Kirupa is putting up a Photoshop tutorials section. Eilsoe and I are working on tutorials to throw in there. If you are willing, you can whip up some too, since you are the Photoshop God along with Edwin.

Ilyas is definitely a script god!!!

hey, dan lookin good you sexy beast. you look a lot thinner from your last pic…

Thinner, since when was I fat? I have slimmed up and built up a little more though, I started a training for a local weight competition for my age division about 3 months ago! I went from 18% body fat to 10% body fat. Of course twinlab made some pills to help that out but cardio, basketball, and weight lifting really did most of the work! I am trying to get a side job at my local gym, so that I have an excuse to be there 24-7. I don’t think I will win the competition, but my body is going through some nice changes that I don’t mind…and no its not puberty! Well its nice to see you around thoriphes!

Ok Dan, I realized that your footer is incredibly awesome, but after messing with it for a couple of minutes I also realized that it feels like I am checking you out… in the perverted way… so I am going to stop messing with it.


Sorry if I don’t know what to say about that! :stuck_out_tongue:

lost, is there a way i might be able to possibly in some way write a photoshop tute? i learned some neat stuff.

e-mail me or something.
[email protected]

:cyclops: mike

oh yeah what is the url to billy bussey’s site, i was there one time b4 but forgot it.:q: