Can someone help me with a calendar?

I’m wanting to do a calendar and I want it to highlight the current day of the month. I have no idea how to do this and make the calendar update itself for the upcoming month. can someone help me with this or show me to a tut. for it?

create an array of the length of each month. then, when you check the month with the date object the number it returns will be the index of the number of days in that month.\rthen you can duplicate movie clips that have the days of the week and tell the current day’s movie clip to have some kind of highlight.\rthere are so many ways of doing it that it’s a matter of preference.\r:) \rjeremy

An example ! An example ! An example !\rpom 0]…lendar.swf\r[url=“”]…lendar.fla\r\r:) \rjeremy

lol pom you’re such a dork. Jeremy, why is it that whenever i get an FLA from you, I can never open the library, and when I try to open the Actions Panel my screen flickers and the action panel opens as a reallly really really really really realy small box??

well, if flash saves palettes with documents it’s because i work on two monitors and all my palettes (except the timeline and toolbar) are in my second monitor.\rbut i didn’t think flash saved palettes with documents!\r:) \rjeremy

not sure about that, but I have always been able to open the library from all the other FLAs i have downloaded…oh well…just checkin

you mean you’ve never had to hit ctrl+L (apple+L) multiple times to bring up the library??\r:) \rjeremy

one time always does it for me. I can’t open the libraries on your flas for the life of me.

are you running a different language program? cuz it does it with Pom’s too…and he’s running the French version (i think)

I’m not running a French version. I’m running an American version, 100% pure yankee. So the problem is s’thing else… Sorry Jubby Boy.\rpom 0]

dammit oh well…maybe my version isn’t legit…:eek:

when we first installed flash 5 at all the computers in my old school it would take 2 or 3 tries to get the library to show up (pc and mac both!). my version at home does it too. i think it depends on what build of flash 5 you have.\r:) \rjeremy

i tried for almost 3 minutes to get your library up and Pom’s too…but whatever…:slight_smile: i’ll just have to figure out all that stuff by myself…

Actually it is something that I found that has to do with the way an FLA loads and how that data is temporarily stored in RAM. Download the file to your hard drive first. Then open the file from your hard drive in Flash. Windows/Mac automatically will create a Temp folder housing the AS libraries, etc. It will work then.\r\rAn FLA is not the only byproduct of a file being worked on in Flash. Several little files get ‘temporarily’ created during the editing process. The FLA is the final file you see. Try that and see if it works. It just might :slight_smile:

ha! ok that worked…thanks kirupa

Hi! jeremy,\r\rI found that you work on two monitors and so that you could put your palettes, etc in the second monitor. I know that win 98 have the ability for two monitors. But I now use win 2000 for my computer. Could you give me some hints or where I can find the enough information, if you know, for win 2000 works for two monitors. Thanks.\r\rJames

i am running win2K also. i have an AGP card and a PCI card. i just installed the PCI card and hooked up the monitor (while the computer was off of course) and rebooted.\rwin2K will ask you if you want to continue your desktop on the second monitor, just click ‘yes’ and that’s it. i installed the nVidia drivers once for both cards (they’re both nVidia cards) and they work fine!\rif windows doesn’t ask you to extend your desktop, just right-click on the desktop and go to properties. in the ‘settings’ tab you will see monitor icons that say ‘1’ and ‘2’. click on the ‘2’ monitor and select the checkbox next to ‘extend my windows desktop onto this monitor’. once you click ‘ok’ or ‘apply’ the second monitor will display your desktop wallpaper. you can then use the second monitor with all your windows applications. for games and other fullscreen apps your primary monitor will be the default.\r:) \rjeremy\r\rp.s. in the ‘settings’ tab window with the two monitors you can also drag the icons to reflect where your monitors are on your desk. i have my primary on the left, so ‘1’ is on the left.

I also have two video cards (ATI and Voodoo…old stuff…), but just one monitor!\rAnd i want to extend my desktop! Should I steal our TV set and hook it up, or will i get killed by my kids hooked on cartoons?\rWin 98 let me run the signal trough both cards, Win 2k won’t, so the voodoo is basically useless untill i find some money on the street or rob a bank to get a second monitor (IIyama?!)…\rI am sure this post is a worthy contribution to this thread, it is meant to “always look on the bright side of life, di doop, di doop…” I’m a bit tired, too much sun, too much party, not enough sleep, sorry for this… :slight_smile:

if you have video out, then you can use a TV.\r:) \rjeremy