Can someone help me?

Ok, i have made a webpage with nothing but flash. But how do i get it to fit the ENTIRE browser when i convert it into a swf. and when it’s all finished? For some reason when i go to “publish settings”>HTML>percent 100x100 it doesn’t work.
It’s only the size you see it as you view it in flash on the stage.

Has anyone made a site by using flash and when it’s finished it fits the entire browser screen? If so, PLEASE help me because it’s really stressing me out. But im still new to this, so can someone explain it, easy to understand step by step intructions if it’s not too much trouble.

Thanks heaps.

I haven’t come up with anything yet… sorry… still looking for this info

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Based on my limited testing of this issue, you may find this helpful.

Your choice of “percentage” in the “Dimension” drop down box of the Publish settings dialogue will result in your movie being forced to fit into the available browser window. You can verify this by maximizing and/or resizing your browser window to various dimensions. No matter how small or large you make the browser window, the html code will force the entire movie to fit, and that’s why you’re getting the results which are causing you so much frustration.

To get your move/pages to the size you desire, select the “match movie” or “pixel settings” rather than “percentage” in the dialogue mentioned above.

Give that a try and see if it helps.


Ok, so if select the “match movie” it wont take up the entire screen. If i select “pixels” what is the width and height % do i adjust it to. Like what do most ppl put it as…???