Can someone help me?

I’ve tried everything I can think of to make this work but I simply don’t know enough about the advanced workings of Flash and actionscripting. I’m currently using Flash 5 and while I’m also going through the Flash tutorials on the Kirupa site it’s going to be awhile before I know enough to figure this out on my own. Meanwhile my whole site is hung up because I can’t resolve how to get the movie to run and everything to load properly as it should. So far, the random loading quote animations load beautifully…the problem is getting the other animations to load after the random quote animation plays.

So, could someone Please take a look at my files and see what I’m doing wrong or let me know what I need to make it all work right?

I’ve uploaded the fla for the movie plus the fla’s for the 3 sample random loading quote images…

The order I’d like the animations to load is as follows…when the page opens I want the random loading quote image to fade in, display, and then fade out. After that I want the animation “Hawaiian Cow Welcomes You” to come onto the stage and then stay visible after that bit of animation runs. Following that I want the “udder construction” animation to fade in and stay visible.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: