Can someone put these words into AS?

can someone put these words into AS? i just dont know the format to it.

ok i want it like this
if _parent.ammo = 1 and on press
gotoandplay (“t1-2”)

if u could translate for me that would be very muy nice

on (key press (SPACE)) {
if (_parent.ammo = 1)
gotoAndPlay(scene, frame)

…or something like that

um kinda, what i meant is like ok.
ammunition is the name of the movie clip.
ammo is the variable for it. when the clip/ammunition has bullets in it, ammo = 1. when its empty, ammo = 0. i dont want the badguys to die when ammo = 0 becasue there are no bullets. understand?
so i dont know the code for it but on the badguy it would be somethign like this i think:
on press
if _parent?ammunition.ammo = 1 then
gotoandplay(“t4-2”) the .fla is here if u wanna help me.
u may have to type it in manually into a browser.

copying over the link does work however you could as easily attach the zip if you use the post reply instead of the quick one… it’s at the bottom