Can someone tell me if my psp is really broken?

Well, long time no see kirupa buddies but I return with awful news. I bought a japanese white psp on ebay for :drool: $50 and I was super excited for the deal. It came new and in the box and I have been playing it for the past month. I turn in on today to play GTA and it won’t. No lights, no nothing, it won’t even charge. I’ve tried holding the power button and all that. Does that mean that it is “bricked?” Since I don’t have a warranty or anything I was thinking I should get a new motherboard, but can’t find one.

What I need from you guys:

A) Somewhere to find a motherboard (i’ve looked on ebay, no luck)
B) Tell me that my PSP is not broken and tell me how to fix it
C) Don’t point and laugh :*(

I mean I don’t feel THAT upset since it was only $50, but it’s worth full price to my thumbs and my boring bus rides. Any help will be great!

Thanks a lot,