[rant] Stupid Sony


This morning my psp was replaced, I came back home to find that they sent me the psp and a charger,** but no battery!** So I can’t use it unless its plugged in… which kinda removes the point (Play Station Portable), and ofcourse I can’t upgrade/ downgrade without atleast 60% battery life. I called them up, and short story they said they’l replace it, and a new one will arive within 14 working days. :angry: :m:

Its just annoying that they don’t even bother checking there items before they send them…

Actually the real reason I’m pissed off is that I was hoping to have it ready for Saturday since I have a pointless 4 hour detension where I have to sit in a room doing nothin, so the PSP was going to be my entertainment :stuck_out_tongue:


[whisper]Feel free to delete this post, just felt like ranting.[/whisper]