Can this be created with flash mx or what program?

Hey all!:flower:

I saw this effect last year and it was the reason why I wanted to learn flash, the effect is that dust type of effect that moves.

go to this website and click on a gender then wait and you should see the effect next to your gender,

Thank you in advanced!:whistle:

yeah daisy, this sort of thing isn’t too hard to do at all in Flash… it doesn’t soun d like you own flash yet, but all you’d have to do is to create one movie clip (animation) of a dust puff and then copy it in different locations so it looks like a trail… it’s quite a popular effect and can make some really cool-looking stuff

I have a feeling that that animation is made in “Shockwave” (or is that Director? lol). If you right click you don’t get a “Flash Menu.”

But I think you could make that in flash… It would just be alot of lines of actionscript… lol.

Just my 2c

I own Flash mx.
But what kind of an script should I use to make this effect?

Thank you by the way:love:
Anybody here also?:beam: