Weird effect, like a bad tv channel


Could somebody please show me what action script to use and how to make a ripple/swirl effect in an image?

I have seen this effect around many websites and would like to know how to make them. I heard it is done with actionscripts so I am posting this question here.

Anyway the effect looks like a picture that blures or get jagged a little a water effect upon a picture or a picture that moves like a drop falling into an ocean…difficult to explain anyway you can see the effect by visiting this sites:

In the first site the effect can be seen on the frogs that jump, the effect looks like a picture been jagged or blured.

In the second website you can see the same effect on the chinese girl.

On the third website you can see the same effect on the the boy that looks to be singing on the NEWS link.




Thank you in advanced
And I hope somebody knows how to make it, I know there is a way to make it with photoshop and the motion blur effect ect, but I would like to learn to make it with actionscripts in flash mx.

I have found here at FK an effect that is almost what i am looking for the only problem is that its a mix machine, you will se what i mean if you look at the file.The effect it the third from the bottom called Ripple…or maybe if you have a better Action Script that would be okey also.

This effect from FK

regards: ninni


the effects you seek can be easily acheived in Photoshop/Fireworks…

I have a plug in from Xenofex (Alien Skin) that has a wide range of television effects.

There are a few tutorials on this out there too…

Did you do a search on the D&D forum, and MX forum for “scan lines” or something like that… that might give you a tutorial site for this effect…

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Well. I hope you know your actionScripting. In the site with the oriental lady, there was a link to download the fla. It’s frikin’ 3.4 Meg!! I figured, since I have it, I’ll put it on my server for ya:

All the frames at the end refer to MovieClip.prototype functions in the first frame, bottom layer. It way beyond me, but Lost In Beta does a lot of prototype stuff that I’ve seen. I’d like to learn it, maybe I’ll use this oportunity to learn even though it looks like that whole run before you can walk thing…

…Anyone got a pole vault?

the best and easiest one is at . Go to special effects and there will be a great ripple effect ! (i used it for my screensaver)

Were you refering to this one Nasir?

I don’t think you can do that effect using masks…or can you??

Actually I suppose you could. I don’t know how smooth it would work on the processor, but you could just have the fuzzy image, the black and white image, the short image (etc) under the regular image and switch between them.


Well, the mjau-mjau site uses a vid to achieve the effect (or a few images put toghether, couldn’t see), frosch selected a row of pixels and shifted it (could also be done in photoshop, in flash aswell but time consuming). The body at the third website is a whole different effect.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

[m] -
The mjau site doesn’t use a video. It uses a ton of actionScripting. The fla is four posts above.

So it’s possible to pixelshift pieces with as? I really want to know how thay did that. They could’ve used one pic and cut it in little mc’s, but I could not see it when zooming in.

Downloading the .fla now. :wink:

I do’loaded it, and it’s very different from the one on the site. The fact that it’s so large is due to the mp3’s and jpg’s. Not much actionscript going on there, mostly the same.

Yeah, they didn’t. That was the first thing I looked for. I have no idea how it works. All the frames at the end call back to the functions on the first frame. If you figure it out, let me know because I want to know too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, wait a sec, it does. Shame on me. I feel stupid now.

Would you look at that, there’s a pic in the library called facetvhigh and factetvlow. Check them out. :wink: Facetwisted is nice too.

Well well well…Look at Mr.SmartyPants :stuck_out_tongue:
I looked at the as again and found that the image in the mc ‘intfaces’ gets changed!! To what, you ask? All the images that [m] found in the library (that I neglected to look at). Hmmmm…

Good find [m]! You are correct. I guess the prototypes are for the numbers that fly around. That makes more sence. Also explains why it’s 3 meg.

There you go DasiyDee, problem solved.

I :love: being Mr.SmartyPants.

:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

now this : site is freaky

Well, the mjau-mjau site uses a vid to achieve the effect (or a few images put toghether, couldn’t see), frosch selected a row of pixels and shifted it (could also be done in photoshop, in flash aswell but time consuming). The body at the third website is a whole different effect.

Yes yes:beam:
That´s the effect I am talking about, I just didn´t know how to explain it, I am posting a picture to ya all so you can see what I was/am talking about.Thank you all still 4 the replyes I was afraid that nobody would know what I am talking about and would not want to post a reply for me, because I sounded crazy/loony.:blush: .I know this effect can be done with action scripts, I have seen at flashkit people posting for the same effect the same at we`re here, but nobody seemed to know and if they new they just said “oh its too difficult ect”.So if somebody does know here how to do it or finds that AC that will be simply amazing!:beam: :beam:

You can see the effect in these pictures, the first pictures are the normal and the second pictures are the effects. In the last effect made by kyle has the same idea, but its a little diffrent. I have allready proven it can be done in my first post i made with the FLA included the effect is called Reflect2 in that file.

About the Creator of the Frog, Seo

lol hmm…I just had to talk with the creator of the frog effect.
So what I did is added him to my MSN contact list and bealive it or not he was there. The only problem was that he didn´t speak too well english only Korean…and I don´t speak Korean so I had to use my imagination. I captured the effects and put them into a jpeg and then sent him them so now he knew what I was talking about.

He told me something that made me look really stupid, the effect in the frog was done with photoshop and the effect in that bottle where the frog dives into the bottle was done also in Photoshop, Image ready.The little he could understand me he tried to teach me but because he was at work he didn´t have too much time.He told me also that he dosn´t know too much about action scripting and that he sucked in it:P There were still some effects he didn´t want to tell, but i understand why.

Anyway for some reason after the conversation I felt like he was pulling my leg, because when he told me about that video effect or shoudl I say photoshop bottle effect i could not bealive it.
If somebody would really start doing that effect in image ready it would take forever to finish it…that´s my opinion-

At the end I know that effect can be done in Flash with AC, so I am still curious to learn.:sure:

Regards: Daisy:love:

I would also like to know how to achieve this effect, considering I downloaded the fla of the picture fo the japanese lady and I cannnot find anywhere how they did it! im stumped

Ju just use a filter in ps, with high numbers. You could use gaussian blur, but that’s not the same effect as in that link. But anyways, you do that a few times, but decresingly(sp?) lower numbers. WEith that you get like 5 pics that get more in focus. Now all you have to to is put them in order, and your done!

To clarify: you have a photo. You blur it heavyly. Now Do it agian, but don’t blur it as much as before. Do it yet again, but with even less blug. Repeat untill you don’t have to blur anymore. Put those images in sequence and you’ll have yourself a nice (but heavy) animation.