Can u use transparency?

im making a movie that has lights flashing all over the screen, and i wanted to know if you can put transparency on the lights so that its not solid and u can see the backround or whatever through it.

Yes, you just adjust the alpha value of each symbol. If it’s set to 100%, then that’s opaque, and you can’t see though it. Lower it to around 70% and you should get a decent effect.

You can find the Alpha effect under the Colour tool for a symbol instance.

thanx for the help, i just came by some more questiosn that i need to ask.

-theres alot of movies i see that in some parts zoom into a specific area or character, and i wanted to know how u do that.
im not talking about the zoom button on the side to zoom in and out of the stage im talking about adding a zoom effect to yur movie.

-im trying to make cars in my movie is there a tutorial or can someone one tell me how to make cars(namely police cars, cause thats what im using in my movie.)

-when adding scences to a movie can u fix it so that one song can play through all scenes together?