Questions about zooming,music and making cars

-theres alot of movies i see that in some parts zoom into a specific area or character, and i wanted to know how u do that.
im not talking about the zoom button on the side to zoom in and out of the stage im talking about adding a zoom effect to yur movie.

-im trying to make cars in my movie is there a tutorial or can someone one tell me how to make cars(namely police cars, cause thats what im using in my movie.)

-when adding scences to a movie can u fix it so that one song can play through all scenes together?

-how do u put an image behind another image???

OK, I think I can help with a few of these.

The zoom isn’t really a zoom. It’s just motion tweening the image you’re looking at, making it bigger or smaller depending on which way you’re going, but keeping the centre in the same place, and the object in proportion. It fools the viewer into thinking they are zooming.

Making cars. Hmmm. Depends on what kind of style you’re after, but if you want to make line art ones, then check out my tutorial on that in the Flash MX / Special Effects section of Kirupa. It’s quite easy to do, just a little time consuming.

And lastly, putting images behind images. If you mean so that one obscures the other, you just put them onto different layers of the movie, so one will be in front of the other. If you mean seeing through one shape to the one behind, you play around with the _alpha value of the object. 100% is full opacity, reduce that and you’ll begin to see through it.