Can we get someone to take care of the dude spamming links in AS3?

I see that he occasionally posts one thing or another that is related, but mostly he just spams links to a few swf, rar, and zip files, and it looks pretty darned suspicious. Looks like weird phishing / virus links at worst, and totally unrelated spamming of project files at best. :-/

Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms. :frowning:

Oh, I didn’t realize those expired or something. This guy:

(Alex Lexcuk)

I looked at many of his posts after you reported him Anogar, and it seems like his files are on-topic. He is very brief in what he says, and I attribute that to his unfamiliarity with English as opposed to him attempting to spam.

That was my first assumption too, but after seeing him post the same files in a several different threads, it just made me a little nervous. I checked out the SWFs, and they seem sometimes related (sometimes totally off base), but I haven’t ventured into any of the ZIP files.

I trust your call though. :slight_smile: