Can you do a job for me?

Im looking for someone who knows flash MX
and scripting to do a single job for me.

if you know flash and scripting and want to make a fast money
please let me know so i can give you the details.

you can menssage me here
or if you prefer you can replay directly to my email
which is :

[email protected]


why not post a brief description of the Job here, that way the right people can get in touch with you.


PS I am interested, and would like some more information.

I am interested in knowing what kind of help is needed.

ok here it is what im looking for

i need to create something similar of what you can see at

its located at you top right hand side
and its called EDITOR’S TOP 5

take a look at it and tell me if you can do it,ok?


in javascript?
im a newbie to flash, but not to javascript
thats very easy actually, but it requires IE
it sets the alpha for two images. the before is 10 while the after is 1, before is 9 while after 8…
very simple,even in flash

That is actually very simple, I believe it uses dynamically loaded images that are named given certain names such as 1.jpg, 2.jpg (etc), to represent the place. Then the as script just tells it to load that image.

yes you are right lostinbeta
the images are loaded dynamically.

it can be ease when you know the way
which is not my case, im totally new to flash so
i was able to create the interface and make the images load by clicking the buttons, my problem now is how to make the images and buttons change automaticaly.

so after days of failed attempts i decided to look for someone who can actually do it for me, or tell me how can i get that to work.
and im willing to pay.

so if you think you can create that for me
or help me get this done
please let me know.


I’m down with helping you but lostinbeta had first dibs and I wouldn’t ever try to steal a job from another flasher; I am positive he can make what you are asking and even suprise you with something better! Good Luck!

Hey dan, I am a bit bogged down right now, so if you want to work on it you can.

I figure, we can both work on it and if you finish it on time and I don’t then at least he can get it on time.

But if he gets both of them on time, he can choose between the better one:) I am not trying to compete with you dan, that would be a foolish mistake, I am simply trying to lift some weight off my shoulders.

Sure I can make one, I have 6 hours at work that I get to fill up flashing and I don’t have anything to do besides work on my site and some 3ds max work to finish but I have soo much time this week! Send me an email of the information to and I will get working on it right away:

[email protected]

Let the competition begin! (Just playin :stuck_out_tongue:)

lostinbeta, I finished mine, I just wanted to tell you in advance just in case you were busy with something then I can just handle this project and let you take the next one, but it doesn’t matter, you said that you have been strapped for time so I am just trying to help out 2 people at the same time!

Hey dan, go for it. I am seriously strapped for time. More so than I thought.

dan i just replayed to your email
let me know if you got it k?