Can you dynamically scale a draggable object?

Greetings all,

I wonder if anyone can help me with a little problem?

Imagine you are dragging a movieclip around the stage with your cursor using:

startDrag("", true);

I want to scale that MC bigger and smaller relative to my _ymouse position

I know how to set up the variables to do this, and then to retrieve this data and apply it to scale an object using a loop.

But not when there’s a startDrag("", true); involved.

I’ve tried putting the loop down inside the dragging movieclip, and not on the main timeline, but startDrag("", true); always inhibits the loop.

Anyone know how to get round this?


Hey jaz, to me your problem isnt that little. I managed to put up some code because I’ve been wondering how this could be done but never had time to get to it. I have to say, what I got in the end is pretty nice. =)

Cheers Bob, thanks for the impressive code. I agree, you’ve come up with a nice looking resizer…

I like the use of onEnterFrame instead of a timeline loop, I think that is the answer I’ve been looking for! I’m going to have to mull it all over a bit until I’ve got my head around it.