Can you help me with my server :\

This issue has been a major roadblock I have had for the longest time.

I can’t get php/sql, and cgi to work. Only thing that works is ASP.

Its a Windows NT server, don’t think its apache…

If you see, I tried to install php and this is what I get…

Tell me what the hells going on?
Its a normal forum and nothings wrong!
Other people I know never had this problem. I have a Gateway T1 con and the server is at my house.

Can any one please help me!!!

have you gone to and looked at the help they offer?
if not check it out.

get , install the package (php+mysql+apache) and try again…

Also <B>D:\Fezter\b\forums\xmb.php </B> is a hard drive location. You need to upload all those files to your server. It is trying to find it on the harddrive, so it doesn’t exist.

This could be why. If not, do what eyezberg said.

No no you see it is a server, fezter is the base location… its not looking for anything on my comp. I guess I didn’t install php right…

Ah, Ok. I don’t have much experience in programming servers, so I wasn’t sure.

It looks like you didn’t install PHP right. I got a similar message on a unix box. Or that particular script (the forum) may not be setup correctly.