Cannot find MYSQL table

Hi people,
I am now trying to make a sort of Add new user and login user page on my site which requires MYSQL which i have made a database and a table “Users” but when i go into Dreamweaver 8 it says “**Table Not Found” i have tried refreshing Dreamweaver but it still hasnt worked. I have made sure i have the correct Host and URL but it still does not work. I am unsure why can anyone help me here?



oh no.

Ok, here we go, post yer code Chris.

i have no code do i need one?

EDIT i have a pic thou -

ok… did you setup the recordset?

Hold on… My testing server setup in dreamweaver has gone wrong :’(

Ok problem :(:(:frowning:

When i define a DATABASE it keeps comming up with MMHTTPB.php not found why??