Can't attached my flash movie

Somebody please help. I’ve finished my Flash 5 movie
( 9550 KB ). Would like to e-mail to someone.

Publish Settings:

Flash And HTML
I used the default settings.

I managed to publish my movie as Microsoft HTML Document 5.0 ( KB )

How do I e-mail to someone ?
I tried the attachment ( hotmail, Upasia ), but there nothing that appears. Please Help.

Thank you in advance.

the html is code to embed the swf, you still need the swf. zip them up and email them together.

sometimes you get substancial size reduction by zipping a swf. other times hardly anything.

Thank you for your reply.
I know i sound stupid, but does comes with flash? or you need to purchase it ?

Anyway my Microsoft HTML is 3 KB. does’nt work 100% so what are your advice / recommendations ?
I need to present my work so that other poeple can view it.

I am looking for a job and it took me days finish my resume using flash 5. It’s frustrating that I still can’t present my work after all the hardwork, and the closing date is 2nd Nov.

I am relly desprate Please Help.

Thank you

Keep in mind that most email has a 2 meg limitation of attachments.

You may be better off ICQ’ing the files to your friend.

9mb!? wow…thats big

um, i meant zip up those files using winzip, you can get an evalutation version at:

it is very poor email etiquette to mail a 9mb attachment, it may make a bad impression. if you have some webspace, post it on the internet and email the link.

Is there a file type such as : application?

It seems that this type of file type can reduce file size of flash movies.

if yes how do i go about it? and where?



Question: do you have a web server?

If so, the alternative way of doing this is to upload the swf file to your server, then send the html doc via e-mail. Be sure to change the address of the swf file, in the embeded html doc, to reflect where you uploaded the file to.

9Megs is a lot btw. Are you using whole MP3 music files or something? If so, I suggest looking for an alternative… that’s just WAYYYYYY too big for most people to deal with the download time.

seriously. if using music set it to stream. man icant imagine an swf being that huge. thats almost as big as Flash itself lol.