Can't close popup-window! HEEEEELP!

Hi, I have a problem with a button in Flash. I can open a popup window, but I can’t close it again!

Ok… I’ve got this button… I have given it the following function (to open a popup window with a given path)

Looks like this:

on (release){
pictWin = mx.managers.PopUpManager.createPopUp(_root, mx.containers.Window, true, {closeButton:true, contentPath:“c:/Picture01.JPG”, title:“Picture01SOMETHING” });

… and it works great!!!

The Popup window opens as it should.
But I can’t close it again.

I have given frame 1 the following:

xListener = new Object();
xListener.release = function(){
pictWin.addEventListener(“release”, xListener);

… This should close it right (delete), when I click close…… ??? Well, nothing happens ! ! !

Can someone help me…I would REALLY appreciate it.