Cant find a Tutorial on creating a progressbar/preloader for "DATA"

Im having a bit of trouble creating a progressbar/preloader to show the progress of Data being loaded.

My current progressbar/preloader reaches 100% once all the ‘visual’ elements have loaded, but the movie does not respond until the data has completely loaded in the background - which takes a bit more time.

I have searched high and low but I cant find anything spefically for data.

Please keep in mind, if you decide to respond, that I am a semi-newbie.

check out these tutorials on preloaders hope the help u

Thanks for the ‘speedy’ response.

Clarification -

The data is dynamic / xml generated. Accordingly, I would like to ‘preload’ and show the progress of this dynamically generated data.

To be even more precise, the XML connectors point to ‘asp’ files which generate the xml data from an Access database.