Cant find tutorial im looking for... Need help plz

I was wondering if there is a tutorial that could help show me how to start off and make a movie with a screenshot from a game. The game is Battlefield 1942, the screen shot is in tga format, i guess i would need to convert it. All im trying to do is have a large screen shot with a smaller movie, and have it look like the camera man is moving from left to right capturing whats on the screen shot. So if i have like 10 people standing side by side in the screen shot it should go across them all slowly.

My other question is , is their a tutorial to be able to make a rollover on a button that would look like someone shot bullets into the button. Few bullets one after another. If anyone could help me with this or send me to a tutorial link, i would greatly appreciate it. I have searched and found nothing.

I’m a little unclear about this panning thing you want to do. How big is the picture currently, and what is it’s resolution?

Yes you’ll probebly have to convert it. Do JPG if you can, PNG if you have to. But keep the size large. The more you are able to shrink something in flash the better it will look. Obviously keep in mind, file size. More than 40 k on a single shot can kill your download time forcing many people to walk away rather than wait for your game.

The tutorial on the bullet shot firing mouse cursor should be pretty easy. I got mine to work on the first try and that was about a year ago. I’ve gotten lots more skillz since then. I’ll try to write it up in a post here. Should take me an hour or two before I post it though.

The simple way. (for intermediate Flashers)

I didn’t want to be deceptive with the title. It is the simple way… but you’ve got to know some things about Flash before you can do it. You must understand the difference between adding code to movie clips, buttons and frames.

  1. create two movie clips.

The first should be a cross hair object. You can certainly import one, but I recomend just creating a circle stroke and placing a cross hair in the middle with the line tool. very little for the processor to have to handle.
The second clip should be a bullet hole. If you can make a cool one in Flash, more power to you… but this works best if you’ve got a pretty semetrical object. The height and width should be about the same size and it should be pretty small I’d imagine.

  1. The first clip is placed on the stage. Paste the following code to this movieclip’s action panel.

    //if you would like to limit the number of buttlets on the screen

  1. Then it’s a simple matter of setting the linkage on your bullet.

open the library, if it’s not already open select the bullet movieclip and right click on it. Select “linkage” from the menu

in the linkage dialogue that opens select “export this object”, and give it a name in the text field of “bhole”. hit “ok”.

It should work. If it doesn’t though… give me a shout and I’ll look at it again. There might be a syntax error or two in there.

Thanks alot for that detailed reply, i appreciate it alot. I will try the crosshair action code soon as i can.

My desktop resolution is 1280x1024 so i guess the screen shot will be that size about. I can shrink it a bit in flash ofcourse. I just dont really know how to get started with it. Its like taking a bunch of snap shots inside the screenshot at different positions till you get a full wide scenerio of it.the actual movie should stay in place and in the backround the screenshot should look like its moving toward the left. Im lost :frowning:

I did exactly what you said and it works, only thing is its not exactly what i was trying to do. I was looking to have a blinking crosshair, that would just blink in and out on top of a button when you rolled mouse over, then when someone pressed the button the bullet hole would apearthe crosshair should not be movable , there will be one on each button .