Can't get button to load html into frame

This is very frustrating. I am working on a new site in CS3 and have used previous versions of Flash with little issues. CS3 and AS3 just seems convoluted … like I am learning the app all over again!

First of all… it seems you don’t add actionscript to buttons anymore… but actual frames. Ok… well what if you have more than one button on a frame? How do you designate actionscript on a frame to a certain button? I would guess something with the button ID/instance name?

All I really want to know is what code to assign a button to load a .html file into a lower frame. This seems SO SIMPLE yet all of the AS3 code I have found online and in the CS3 help menu give me errors and when I play my flash file it just goes on repeat forever.

Can someone please shed some light on this? Flash was easy before now I feel like I need to be a computer programmer.