Cant get nested buttons to work

hi all, i cant seem to find my way around this one …

i have a movie clip thats a calendar, inside the movie clip are buttons for the days on the calendar. when you click on the day button you will get event info.

i also want the calendar as a whole to scale larger when it is rolled over and thats where my problem comes in:

i have a layer with the calendar_mc and a layer of script:

_root.content_mc.events_mc.calendar_mc.onRollOver = function() {
_root.content_mc.events_mc.calendar_mc.xwidth = 200;
_root.content_mc.events_mc.calendar_mc.yheight = 155;

_root.content_mc.events_mc.calendar_mc.onRollOut = function() {
_root.content_mc.events_mc.calendar_mc.xwidth = 100;
_root.content_mc.events_mc.calendar_mc.yheight = 78;

inside calendar_mc are a bunch of buttons that no longer work once i apply this script. obviously its because the whole thing is turned into one big button now and so it cancels-out all the internal buttons, but how do i get around this?!

i also tried applying the rollover script to a button inside calendar_mc several different ways but that didnt work either.