Can't update a "Memo" field in DB via web

I am trying to build a dynamic backend to a website so that administrators can login and update fields on the website.
I am coding in ASP VB, and using an access database via a DSN connection.
My update field code works fine if my database text field type is set to “text” (which only allows 255 characters) but when i set the text field type in the database to “memo” (which is what I want it set to) the field doesn’t update… it just refreshes the page with no changes made when i click my update button. No error, just doesn’t do anything.

I’m just using the server behaviors panel in DW for the code. I tried posting this on the MM forums, but they aren’t working at the moment. (What am i? cursed?) :slight_smile:

What is wrong? I have tried the code on various servers and it still does the same thing. Can’t I update a memo field this way?

Any suggestions / advice / help much appreciated.