Can't view text -> Load Text from External Source

Hi, everyone!

i got problem here…:-/
I wanted to load text from external source - a .txt file like the tutorial on

my problem is… i can’t make the text to load. it can’t even be viewed! :puzzle:

I’m a newcomer for Flash. I thought this might be a simple lil’ project i can start with. but i’ve spent the whole afternoon yesterday + plus whole morning today, looking at diff. tutorials, searching answer via this forum – but i can’t find answers… i’ve asked ppl around, nobody knew what’s wrong… So, please please please help!!!

the .fla file can be viewed at: (it’s 85kb)
thanks a lot!!!

A few things are wrong.
If you masked text you have to embed your fonts or use setMask().
Your calling the wrong variable from your textfile (trMushroom should trRecipes).
And I didn’t understand what you’re after with the values you had for “solly”.
I changed them (w3 and w4), but I could be wrong though;)


hi, scotty!

ok, I looked at the .zip you sent, but couldn’t find how you did this. sorry, i’m really really a beginner… and slow… please tell me again where u put the setMask() or how do you embed fonts?

Your calling the wrong variable from your textfile (trMushroom should trRecipes).

yeah, this was my bad…

Thanks for your reply, scotty!

In the file I used embed fonts.
In w4 click your textfield (select it), then in the properties panel look for the “character” button, click it and choose one of the options:)
Now Flash saves the outlines of the font and you can mask it.


Ok, I got it.
But on my original flash, I cannot make the button to work! – although i copied the exact same button as what you have…
The more weird thing is… it seems like they recognize there’s a text, because the scroll bar adjust , it knows how much text i have. but the letters don’t appear!

arrggghhhh… :puzzle: i wanna pull my hair…

Sounds like the font is not embedded…
Can you upload the original?


here you go, scotty.

i really appreciate your help!

Link doesn’t work:stunned:


ooppsss… you might not be able to d/l from the link i sent u before. here’s the correct one:

That one works=)


I see the problem:)
If you use the “B” to make the font bold, flash is not saving the “bold” outlines. Try it with another font that has a bold type and it will work, or use the verdana as “plain”:wink:


It works!!!
Many many thanks, Scotty :flower: