Loading Text from External Sources

i´m having a little problem loading text into a textbox. It seems to be really simple but as i´m a flash begginer…
Actually the problem is loading the swf file with the textbox inside another .swf. The text is not shown.
I´m sending the .fla files.

thanks to everybody and merry christmas folks !:?)

Sorry, i forgot the attachment on last post !
here they are :

check this tutorial to understand how it works.
Here a tutorial for loadind text
i hope it helps :wink:

thanks but i forgot to mention that i´ve already read this tutorial. It was really usefull but now i think my problem is with variables and levels…

eduardo …
your problem is very simple… you can’t mask dynamic text… try to put it without mask… it’ll work man… :wink:

Hummm… a small but important detail !
I thank you very much !:beam:

Ehm…you can mask dynamic text, if you also want to see it, you have to embed the font;)


thanks scotty for updates my information :wink:

No problem, FlashSwimmer:thumb:

about the embed fonts… i’ve to embed it from the beiginning or if i started in the project then embed the fonts after starting it’ll work or this is wrong way :h:

It can be done both ways.
But I think it will be wise, if you’re busy with text and you know that (later) you want to mask/tween it, to do it right away.
When later you’re testing and things don’t work, at least you know it hasn’t to do with embedding the fonts.


When later you’re testing and things don’t work

i know… but i’m asking if you in the middle of project and sudenlty you want to embed it… (-:

Then you still can embed them without any problem:whistle: