Caption Kerry's Nasa Visit!

This was one of the funniest, real picture I have seen of Sen. Kerry:

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Peek-a-boo!!! :ogre:

roflmao! :lol:

great find :beer:

“Oh yea, get it in there real nice and tight. Did I say 2 pumps? I meant 3!”

“Awww yeaa, who’s your daddy”

“Narrarator: What you are looking at right now is a picture of the Anusimus Reptillius, also know as a Kerry. This shot was taked after it feeding on an innocent Nasa crew , must have ran out of waffles.”

“Edwards, I’m sure there is enough room for both of us in here. Make sure you come protected with a blue “suit” like me. We are in a search of finding botox on the Planet Skeletoid.”


[font=Fixedsys]I come in peace![/font]

“Wow! I never believed a ride in a giant tumble dryer could be so much fun!”


Man, that’s a great picture.

“Yes mayor, I like this new toilet function”


The new tunnel system in Boston is great! It is certainly worth every extra billion you living all across the US gave to us through your taxes.


“I hope my wife can buy me one of these!”

“Yep, the WMDs are right where I hid them.”

“Whoo! That was one hell of an adventure from a major wedgie.”

Sadly, Senator’s Kerry “Dress Like A Sperm” fashion campaign did not catch on.

:lol: RB!

It reminds me of that Simpson episode.

“Man! Don’t ever call me for the Green Giant’s prostate exam again!”

Results of the CAT scan were inconclusive because Sen. Kerry can’t keep his arse still.

oh, wait, nevermind - I think we have something:

Senator John Kerry, speaking out of his *** yet again, greets members of NASA on his visit